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The New Chapel 1877 ‘Cocktail’ Menu

Long Island Iced Tea                                                                                       £8

Grey Goose, Havana 3 year old, Patron Silver Tequila,

Cointreau, Gordons, Coke dash, sours, ice

Mojito                                                                                                                  £7

Bacardi, fresh mint, lime wedges, sugar syrup, soda dash,

crushed ice

Martini                                                                                                                 £6.5

Brecon gin or Brecon vodka, dry vermouth, stirred with ice,

olive or lemon twist garnish

Manhattan                                                                                                         £6.5

Woodford reserve bourbon, rosso vermouth, bitters,

stirred with ice, Maraschino cherry garnish

Margarita                                                                                                            £7

Patron Silver Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, sours,

shaken with ice, salt rimmed glass

Daiquiri                                                                                                                £6.5

Bacardi fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, shaken with ice

Caipirinha                                                                                                           £6.5

Brazilian Cachaca white rum, sugar, lime wedges,

muddled, crushed ice

Cosmopolitan                                                                                                   £7

Grey Goose vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice,

shaken with ice, flambéed orange twist

Bloody Mary                                                                                                      £7

Tomato juice, Grey goose vodka, fresh lemon juice,

dash hot sauce, salt and pepper rimmed glass

Worcestershire sauce olive, celery & cherry tomato garnish

Dark & Stormy                                                                                  £6.5

Aged dark rum, ginger beer, fresh lime juice,

layer ingredients, lime garnish

1877, Signature cocktail                                           £8.5

Grey Goose vodka, strawberry puree,

elderflower cordial, fresh lime juice,

Mercier champagne, served over crushed ice

Amaretto Sour                                                                                  £6.5

Disaronno Amaretto, fresh lemon juice, bitters,

crushed ice

Bahama Mama                                                                                  £6.5

Aged dark rum, coconut syrup, pineapple juice,

banana liquor, crushed ice


Classic                                                                                                  £8

Champagne, dash Angostura bitters, sugar

Bellini                                                                                                   £7.5

Champagne, peach puree

French 75                                                                                            £8

Bombay saphire, Champagne, fresh lemon juice, sugar

Kir Royal                                                                                              £7.5

Champagne, Crème de cassis

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