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Arriving At Your Wedding Venue In Style – A How To Guide

Wedding couple

If you really want to make this day a day to remember, then turning up to your wedding venue in style is a great way to kick off the celebrations. Especially if it is at Chapel 1877!

From the usual to the unique, there are plenty ways to get there but only one will be perfect for you.

Here are some brilliant ways to arrive at your wedding.



Let’s start with a classic.

Limousines are very popular for arriving at weddings and for good reason.

They are luxury on wheels and spacious.  There is a lot of room to fit a bridal dress, so it won’t get scrunched up and ruined.  Plus, you can fit all your bridesmaids/groomsmen in one place and start the celebrations early. As part of the limousine experience, a bottle (or few!) of bubbly is usually included.

If you book a limo, you need to book from a reputable hire company.  You want the best drivers who know their way around so, just in case anything happens on the roads, they know how to reroute and get to the venue on time.  Communicate with the driver to ensure that his attire matches to the theme of the wedding.

Also, confirm all booking arrangements to ensure that the driver knows where to pick your party up from, and then later during the wedding, they don’t just drive off during the middle of the ceremony without you knowing what is going on.

Horse And Carriage

Horse and carriage

You’ve seen this in all the movies.  Arriving at your wedding in a horse and carriage just sums up the meaning of romance.  

If this is your choice of travel, find a company that will serve local to where you are getting married.  The horse will get too tired if you are too far away so keep the distance it must walk as short as you can.

Most of all, ensure that the horse is well cared for.  It might be worth going to the stables yourself and having a look at the horses.

Horse and carriage are great for when it’s warm and sunny outside but when it’s raining, the mood can go south incredibly quickly.  To avoid getting wet, make sure that there is an option to get a canopy to protect you and your dress and/or suit.

Leave plenty of time for the horse to get there so leave your house or hotel with plenty of time before the ceremony begins.  Roads with low traffic will keep the horse calm and settled so talk through the arrangements with the trainer.

Finally, check if they are booked for any other weddings or events on the same day.  Ideally, you want to be the only booking so there are no time pressures.

Luxury Cars

Luxury cars

How many times have you dreamed of driving a Rolls Royce, Ferrari or something a bit more classic?  Now could be your big chance to turn it into a reality.

Using a supercar will be able to live a childhood dream while a vintage vehicle will bring so much style and luxury.

The beauty of these options is that you will not only look amazing, but they will suit any sort of theme you have going on.

When hiring them out, like the horse, the cars must be in good condition.  This goes without saying really but the older the car, the more likely there could be something wrong with it.  Make sure you inspect it properly.

Look online for hire companies that have the best reviews.  These companies will have been proven to reliable, which is even more important for choosing something to use on the most important day of your life.

If the car breaks down for any reason en route, ensure you have discussed what procedures you need to take..

Ok so that’s most of the most standard options covered.  But what if you’re into something more unique and really want to make an entrance?  We’ve got something just for you.



How slick would it be for everyone to turn around and see you arrive at your venue via helicopter?  It would be incredible.

And you know what?  It’s a lot easier to get your hands on booking a flight than hiring a classic car.

This would be ideal for the bride and maid of honour or groom and best man to have some pre wedding celebrations.  You could even bring a photographer with you to capture some amazing moments in the sky.

If you are thinking about hiring a helicopter, you need to think about whether or not it can land and then take off at your venue.  You will need to seek permission from the venue owner so contact the helicopter hire company to make the necessary arrangements.

Hiring out a helicopter usually charge by the hour so if possible, find one that is as close to the venue as possible to avoid unnecessary charges.

We suggest that if you come around to travelling by air, you go to book in person and meet the driver.  They will be able to tell what models best suit your needs.  For you brides, the dress will be a big factor as well.  Tell the driver everything about it, most importantly the length, so it stays in the best condition.


Walking to your wedding

‘What are you on about, walking?’  Hear us out for a minute.

Imagine you and all your close family and friends being together for a stroll down to the venue, all chatting, smiling and laughing as you prepare for your big day.

We think that sounds lovely and not many people will think of doing it which makes it quite unique.  

Walking there can be done no matter if you are in the city or out in the country but you need to plan out your route before travelling.  Imagine getting lost on your wedding day…

Find a route that won’t tire everyone out by the time you get there and, especially for the women wearing heels, one that won’t hurt.

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